2 Easy Meat Loaf Recipes for People Who Officially Can’t Cook

Meat Loaves are surprisingly easy to make, so they should be the first choice for any husbands out there who absolutely fail in kitchen but want to try anyway. You can’t really go wrong with them, to be honest. If you’re heading to a Xmas pot luck party this year, and you’re one of those guys who is inclined to bring chips, then you should either try one of these incredibly easy meat loaf recipes, or just not go this year. There is never a good excuse for bringing chips to a pot luck party.

Hamburger Meat Loaf Recipe: patè al tartufo

– 2 lbs of minced pork meat
– 3.5 oz of cured ham
– 4 eggs
– Sherry (a dash of, not the whole bottle!)
– Breadcrumbs
– Pepper


Whisk the eggs first in a large bowl (don’t worry, we need all of the egg not just the white or yolk – just crack them open and don’t get any shell in there). Next, add all the other stuff. Mix it thoroughly WITH YOUR HANDS. Preheat the oven to 360 F (that’s quite high, by the way). Dump the mixture into an oven proof long cake mould and bake for 40 minutes! Done. That wasn’t so bad, now was it. The next one has a little more prep work but totally worth it. Are you ready for level 2?

Chicken Loaf:

– 1 lb of minced chicken breast (get this from the butcher, it’s far too much effort to do it yourself)
– 7 oz of minced beef
– 1 egg
– 1 can of truffles
– 1 small can of pate
– 1 glass of cognac
– Ham
– Salt, pepper and butter


Mix together the various minced meats. Next, add in the egg, truffles, pate, and a dash of cognac (seriously, just a dash, this isn’t supposed to be an alcoholic dish and there’s a million more things we can make later that DO taste better with lots of cognac in them), as well as a little salt, pepper, and butter (not too much). Mix with your hands again, but don’t worry about things being a little lumpy – texture is good in a meat loaf.

You’ll need a cake mould again, and make sure you butter it before using it as this will really stick to the sides if you don’t. Place a slice or two of ham at the bottom, then throw the rest of the mix in, finishing the top layer with another slice of ham.

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