3 Reasons Why You Should Use Google Analytics For Your Website

Google Analytics is the best way to watch your website’s performance. It’s good practice to keep track of where your website is and isn’t receiving traffic. check google position for keyword You can use this information to improve your webpage’s value in search engines and every aspect of your online marketing campaign. Here are four reasons to use Google Analytics for your website.

Monitor and Tracking

You have to know if the tasks you’re performing are increasing your website’s ranking for keywords. If your website receives 10 visits per day for this keyword but there is 100 searches then you obviously want to keep improving on the amount of clicks you receive. If you were to post an instructional video to your site you’d want to know how much of an impact it has on traffic, so you’ll need to start monitoring statistics before and after you post the video to know if it helped. A great way to watch things like this is to install a Google Analytics code to every page of your website.

Keyword Ranking

Another reason to install Google Analytics to your website is it tells you what keywords you rank for across the internet. It also tracks what pages visitors land on when they search and what keywords they used to get to your site. This is important to know because it monitors page performance. This will let you know which page’s content you need to improve to increase the value of each visit. It’s highly recommended that you start tracking your websites activity through Google Analytics.

Social Media Tracking

Did you know that you can link all of your social media profiles to your Google Analytics account and watch the traffic that you receive from social sites? The best way to use this tool is after you connect them to your accounts you should write an article or share content to your profiles. Then when you go into your Google Analytics profile you can measure the impact of the content you shared by the number of clicks that it brought to your website. If the number is high then you can say that the content was helpful and useful to your readers. If the content didn’t produce any clicks or leads then it’s time to improve the content on the page.

By using Google Analytics you can check every aspect of your website’s online campaign. SEO is a process and patience is the key to sustaining long-lasting results. Install Google Analytics as soon as possible and start monitoring your website’s performance to improve your websites positioning for keywords which will also improve revenues.

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