Best Cloth Diapers FAQ

Why should I change to cloth diapers?

Cloth Diapers otherwise known as reusable diapers are the best cloth diapering solutions for your baby. Here’s why:

Affordable – They are definitely cheaper than disposable diapers. Also, as they are reusable, you just need a handful of them. Around 24-30 cloth diapers are all you need when compared to 3,000 disposable ones. Roughly, you can save up when you switch to cloth diapers. Also, cloth diapers are useful even after you are done with them. Repurposing cloth diapers into wipes, cloth bib, ” best natural diapers”etc. are just some of the many ideas you can choose from.

Good for sensitive skin– Disposable diapers has this plastic-like feel to it and they sometime contain chemicals that cause rashes to your baby’s skin, whereas, cloth diapers contain no such harmful chemicals and irritants. These reusable diapers are made with a soft inside lining which leaves your baby’s bum soft and prevents any irritation and rashes.

Go Green -Disposable diaper waste puts a huge amount of pressure on the planet including the amount of natural resources exploited for it. On the other hand, these cloth diapers are completely environmental friendly. Most of the Go Green parents have switched to them due to this factor.

Isn’t it difficult to wash and clean the diapers?

Absolutely not! Whenever your baby has done its business, all you got to do is rinse of the poop and put it straight into the laundry. You can wash them just the way you wash normal clothes. Make sure you do not to use any fragrant or pure soap detergent. After a cold wash, hot wash and lots of rinsing, they will be completely clean. Most people find the part of removing poop uncomfortable, in such cases, disposable liners and water sprayers can help.

How to get rid of urine smell from diapers?

When you wash them, add a pinch of baking soda along with the detergent. Rinse a couple of times and you have clean and odor-free diapers.

What are the diapering options when my baby is in day care?

The benefit of these diapers is you can add extra inserts and absorbent layers unlike disposable diapers. This makes them a complete favorite for dads and baby sitters and works great during day care. You can also make use of the added protection during night time as well.

How can I store soiled diapers?

You can store your dirty ones in a pail. Sprinkle baking soda and cover the lid to keep off odors.

How often should I wash the diapers?

It is better if you wash them once in 2 or 3 days. If they are stored for a longer time, the stains become harder to remove. Make sure you keep around 24-30 diapers that helps in rotation.

What other diaper accessories do I need to buy?

Some of the accessories you need to buy while purchasing your reusable diaper are:

• Inserts and Liners – you can use either flushable ones or reusable liners. Use them for overnight diapering or when you are in need of extra absorbency layers.

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