Fitness Image VS Fitness Health

You are amazing. Yes, you!

We tend to compare ourselves to photo shopped billboard models. Often we motivate ourselves to work out so we can look like them. The problem with this is that our motivation is external testo max we must look like someone else. Long term this can lead to low motivation, over training and under eating and worst of all – low self-esteem.

What if I told you that you could look incredible and live the life you dream about by simply flipping your motivation to internal – make your goals about you!

Here’s how:

A Dream board

Build yourself a vision board and stick it somewhere you can see it prominently. This will help you pinpoint what YOU want instead of society’s suggestions. I will be doing another article on how you can make an awesome vision board soon but for guidance you should think about the following questions:

What is my purpose in life? E.g to be a great mother and charity worker

Who do I want in my life? E.g a family, close friends, a boyfriend / husband.

How do I want to feel? E.g. Full of vitality and energy!

How do I want to look? E.g. Do I want to lose some weight, have glowing skin etc.

Tailor your exercise and nutrition plans to your individual needs

There is a generic guideline set by the professional bodies however, I would recommend to have a nutrition plan and fitness program designed for you personally based on both your physical form and nutritious well-being as well as your current lifestyle. It is more beneficial as we are all unique with various heights, physical forms as well as health.

A perfect example is what I currently drew up for myself. As I have recently given birth and have lack of nutrition my requirement daily is a lot higher than the generic guide. My fitness program is focused mainly on building my muscle foundation rather than appearance, is very minimal with more focus on stretches to regain strength and improve its usage. If you are also a new mother please be very careful with certain fitness programs. Don’t go 200 mph in your first session! This can cause injuries and set-backs.

Make your health a priority

Life can get really busy, very quickly. Often the first thing to give is our focus on our well-being. I would like to encourage those who are already at the gym and those that aren’t to focus this year on not just your job or your finances. This can take work and isn’t easy but put it this way. Are you going to get that promotion if your eating and lack of exercise means you suffer from burnout or worse?

Train smart NOT hard

It is very easy to starve ourselves and train to the point of exhaustion once we set a goal of getting fit and losing weight. The irony of this is that in the longer term this will take you further away from your goals.

When I talk about fitness I encourage and support functional physical forms and strengthening foundations, in other words working on every part of your muscles and making the most of them.

Over the recent years there has been many debates and discussions regarding fitness and peoples goals. Please do not pay any mind to the media or social pressure to look a certain way. Eat healthy, work on your foundations and be at the place you want to be (not what society dictates you should be). Focusing on imagery than the muscles itself can prove to have later caused health problems as these are unnaturally built.

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