Four Steps to Creating a 50th Anniversary Memory Movie

As of late our family commended our folks Golden Wedding Anniversary. Some portion of the festival arranging included creation a video of our folks lives starting with photographs of every one of them as children during that time to current occasions. 

This article will cover the accompanying strides to make your commemoration memory film utilizing Windows Movie Maker: 

Deciding the Format of the Movie 

Assembling and Choosing Photos 

Choosing Music 

Sparing and Sharing the film. 

Which Layout or Format: Chronological, Theme, or Location? 

Settling on the design of the film will help you in figuring out which photographs to search for and remember for your film. With regards to the arrangement of the video consider covering the  ข่าวบันเทิง   wedded couples lives by decades, area or extraordinary interests. For example while highlighting the couple as the decades progressed, incorporate change outlines that distinguishes the decade, for example, “1970’s”. In the event that the exceptional couple has delighted in going during that time think about featuring various outings. Progress casings could be utilized here too to separate various outings, for example, “Europe, 1970”, “Paris, 1981”. At long last, exceptional interests that the couples has appreciated during the time is another method for highlighting the couple, for example, travel, unique games, or collectibles to give some examples. 

Assembling, Scanning and Saving Photos for your Movie 

With the arrangement decided, assemble photographs from on the web and physical collections, family writes, shoe boxes, and companions to remember for the film. Photographs from the praising couples companions will include a unique degree of enthusiasm since these may highlight occasions or times that you and your family might not have. These photographs will be treasured increments to the film. Sweep the photographs to an envelope on your PC made only for the commemoration film. Having the photographs situated in one spot will make it simpler when bringing the photos into Windows Movie Maker or other film program.

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