How to Build Solid SEO One Step at a Time

There have been so many Search Engine Optimization methods over the years. A lot of the old one are now totally passe. Some of them will actually get you in hot water with the search engines, especially Google and some are just plain ineffectual. Old methods like meta tags and keyword saturation used to get you ahead of the pack but while there is still a bit of merit to those methods, they are low on the scale and need to be properly balanced to be acknowledges. Web Design Ottawa Google’s algorithms for judging page ranking has become more and more sophisticated. You don’t necessarily have to know them all or cater to them all but the more you know, the better. Google knows a good and well designed website almost instantly.

Having things like good menu structures, sitemaps count for a lot now. Also your site’s history, longevity and even how far into the future your domain name is paid for can all earn various “brownie points” Naming your images properly and also using alt tags can help. Now there is a distinction between on-page and off-page SEO. On-page is basically what you do to your own site content and code to make it as good as possible. Off-page is over-simplified as backlinks, other high ranking sites that link to your web site. is a perfect example of off-page SEO because Google respects links coming from there. Also if you are getting written about in social networking sites that’s a good thing also because it means other people are talking about you. Nobody writes about boring sites. Backlinks are good but can also be bad if they are purchased in bulk and come from fly-by-nite, unheard of web sites. Google looks at a sudden increase of 1000 backlinks as pretty suspicious unless your site is featured in the news in which case you might get high ranking but only until the news story trickles out of interest.

There’s no substitute for judicious, methodical and patient methods. Another thing that can help but is not always possible is to create a keyword rich domain name. For example would be a better domain name than which could mean almost anything. If you want to be found for “ottawa web design” in Google then you better use those keywords in all the right places without overdoing it and making it look fake. Think about it from the Search Engine’s point if view. They don’t want to send their patrons to a bunch of half-baked, lacklustre, broken or abandoned web sites. So they do their best to legitimize your site. Your best measure is to be legitimate as possible. SEO is kind of like playing the stock market. Most people who try to make a fast buck get burned but the ones who go slow, safe and steady and play for the long haul usually fair much better.

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