Instant Pot Mashed Potatoes

Instant Pot Mashed Potatoes is the quickest and easiest way to make perfectly cooked and silky smooth mashed potatoes. All you need to make these fail-proof creamy potatoes are water, salt, milk, butter, and russet potatoes.

Why Cook Potatoes In the Instant Pot?

When we’re cooking mashed potatoes for a larger crowd, we make our classic Stove-top Mashed Potatoes, but when we are craving mashed potatoes for a family meal on a busy weeknight, we pull out our instant pot! Here’s why we love this method so much:

Quick Cooking – Potatoes in the instant pot takes only 10 minutes on high pressure.

Steam Cooked Potatoes – The potatoes are essentially steam-cooked on high pressure so the nutrients and flavor aren’t lost to the cooking water.

No Draining Required – The potatoes absorb the liquid in the pot so you can skip the draining step.

One-Pot – You can cook and mash all inside the bowl of the instant pot so there are fewer dishes to clean.

Perfectly Cooked – Pressure cooking ensures the potatoes are fully cooked through, perfectly tender, and not lumpy.

The Best Potatoes for Mashed Potatoes:

Russet potatoes are the preferred variety for making mashed potatoes because of their lighter color and creamy texture. You can also use waxier potatoes like Yukon potatoes or gold potatoes, but they will be more yellow in color and have a slightly different consistency and flavor. We have tested both and often use whichever we have on hand.

How to make Mashed Potatoes in the Instant Pot:

This mashed potatoes recipe is so simple. Make it once and you will probably have it memorized.

Place metal trivet into a 6 Qt instant pot and add 1 cup water (or broth) with 1 tsp salt.

Add peeled and quartered potatoes over the trivet.

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Cover, seal, and cook on manual high pressure for 10 minutes with a quick pressure release. Potatoes should be easily pierced with a fork.

Remove the trivet (it comes out easily) and coarsely mash potatoes.

Add 1 cup warm milk, or add to desired consistency then blend in 6 Tbsp melted butter.

Whip with an electric hand mixer for the smoothest mashed potatoes.

Tips for the Best Instant Pot Potatoes:

Use a trivet so your potatoes are perfectly steam-cooked without any brown edges.

Cut the potatoes so they are large enough to sit on the rack without slipping through.

Cut potatoes to a uniform size for even cooking.

Taste after mashing and add more salt at the end if needed.

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