Investments: Buying Shares In Your Employing Company

Any shares you hold in your employing company, whether through share option schemes or direct, are treated as business assets for the purpose of CW taper relief and are therefore more tax efficient than other equity investments.

The only thing to watch is the risk of having too many of your investments tied up in the company which employs you.

Investing through an investing club

Investment clubs are organisations which arrange cooperative investing. Funds are built up by contributions from individual club members, who meet regularly to review their existing portfolio and select further investments, which are made by the club on behalf of the members.

The advantage is the saving in cost from bulk buying and the spreading of risk over more individual shares than you could buy on your own with the same amount you put in. The disadvantage is that you have to go along with the majority decision, whether you like it or not.

The Association of Investment Clubs will provide details of any club in your area and tell you how to start one.

Getting shareholders’ perks

Some companies offer perks to shareholders, usually in the form of a discount on goods or services they supply. There is usually a minimum shareholding to qualify.

Experts warn not to invest in a company merely to get the perk; the share should be worth buying for its intrinsic value of employment company

Points to consider further

  1. You have decided to start investing in equities. How do you decide which shares to buy?
  2. How do you feel about investing in your employing company? Do you think it is too risky, because you might lose your job as well as your savings? What is the advantage over other shares?
  3. If you have bought a share but thd~ price has since fallen, should you cut your losses? Does it make any difference if the whole market has suffered a set back? What is the most important factor in making your decision?

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