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Keyword research is the crucial to all content marketing. If you can align the title, description, and content of your articles, videos, blog posts, etc… with specific keyword phrases that database keywords are typing in to the various search engines while searching on that subject matter your content is more likely to be found and thus get more views.

Great keyword research starts with a Great keyword search tool. There are lots of free and paid keyword tools on the market but for this example we will show you how to use the free Google keyword search tool.


1. Look for keywords with less than 10K in organic search competition you can go up to 100K if you are more advanced)

2. Search for for keywords with a at least 50 exact match searches per day.

Google Keyword Search Tool Guide Step 1

Go to, enter a base keyword (phrase based on the topic of your content) in the space provided, enter the necessary captcha code, and then click the “Get Keyword Ideas” Button

Google Keyword Search Tool Guide Step 2

Scroll through the results and look for keywords that shows 1500 or greater in the “local search results” column. (1500+ per month = 50+ per day as per our criteria above) Make a note of ones that you like.

Google Keyword Search Tool Guide Step 3

Open in a new browser window and put in one of the keywords that you chose in the search box with quotation marks around it”” and hit enter. In the upper right hand corner of the search results Google will display something that looks like the following below (“web traffic” was used as the search illustration)

Results 1 – 10 of about 807,000 for “website traffic”. (0.26 seconds)

In this example Google says that there are 807,000 websites competing in organic search results for the term “WEB Traffic”. You want to get keyword terms with 10,000 or less in competition (100,000 or less if you are more advanced).

Google Keyword Search Tool Guide Step 4

Rinse and repeat…. Repeat the process above until you locate keywords that meet the criteria specified above. Use these Keyword phrases in your Titles, descriptions and content of your videos, blogs, and articles. Using these keyword search tool strategy with the free Google keywords tool will bring new traffic to all of your content.

An Easier Way: Special Keywords Tool

I do realize that this process can be a bit tiresome and painful. However if you you do not mind investing a few bucks into your organization there is another great keyword search tool that will allow you to do this much quicker and easier.

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