Mustang Quarter Windows – How to Replace

On automobiles, quarter windows are located either on the front door of the vehicle or in front of the rear window. In either case, the window is usually located on the side of the car, although it may also be set in the corner. However, only some cars have these windows.

Older vehicles frequently separated their side windows into two separate pieces. The main window resembles the ones we know today, and could be raised or lowered through a handle on the door. The second piece is triangular in shape, opened outward, and listed in manuals as a “quarter window” or “quarter glass”.

In regards to the ’87 model year, Ford has changed to a much cleaner-looking rear mustang quarter windows assembly for the Mustang hatchbacks and hardtops. Built from vulcanized rubber, along with the actual window glass embedded, the one-piece assembly was very hard for the mustang quarter windows, but its purpose was met being it blended the roof into the rear quarter-panel. However, with over time and many hours of hot sun baking the side windows, the exterior rubber melted, leaving the perimeter of the window pitted and discolored.

It is unfortunate that the “quarter windows” on Mustangs have begun to deteriorate, and are rather expensive to replace properly. Some owners have moved to drastic measures such as paint and patch kits, but these only work for brief periods of time.

Having stepped up to the plate with the ultimate solution is the Late model Restoration Supply: 100% new ’87-’93 rear quarter windows for mustangs which are made by the original-equipment manufacturer. Starting at a price of $599.95 per pair and are available for hatchbacks and hardtops, having identical windows to the original Ford assemblies, all the way down to the Mustang lettering printed on the glass.

Replacing the rear mustang quarter windows is a basic R&R procedure. Getting to the nine retaining nuts for each ford mustang windows are the most difficult part; basically, for a hatchback, you have to remove all of the plastic trim in the rear of the interior. But, for the most part, you’re dealing with small Phillips head screws, although you’ll need the correct socket for unbolting the front seatbelt mechanism on each side of the car.

A quarter window on cars might be a side window in the front door or else found on either side of the car, just forward of the rear window. For the ’87 model year Car Quarter glass, Ford switched to a cleaner-looking rear Mustang quarter windows assembly for Mustang hatchbacks and hardtops. Recent model restoration resources have filled a niche with the ideal answer: totally new 1987-93 rear quarter windows for Mustangs made by an original-parts maker. Costing $599.99 a pair and offered for hatchback as well as hardtop models, these Ford Mustang windows are the same as original assembly-line Ford products, down to details like the Mustang logo on the window.

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