search engine friendly design of internet pages
To carry out onpage-optimization means to design a website in such a way that all contents can be indexed by search engines without any problems and moreover that the topic is clearly recognizable. Only in this way do search engines have the possibility to assign web pages to certain topics and thus also to certain keywords.

Before starting the optimization measures, however, it must first be determined which search terms are relevant at all, with what motivation Internet users search for such terms and how high the search volume for these search terms is. Only when the keywords for which optimization is worthwhile have been analyzed, it makes sense to start with the optimization work.

There are many points to consider when optimizing the onpage-optimization. For example, the header of a website already contains important optimization options. Special attention is paid to the meta-description and the page title in this area, since the texts of these elements are often used as link text and text description in the search results. For this reason, the use of advertising texts that encourage click-through is recommended here. Even more important are of course the actual contents of the website. In this respect, it is advisable, among other things, to treat the respective topic as comprehensively Suchmaschinenoptimierung Düsseldorf as possible, to use images for clarification where possible, to structure texts well and to use meaningful subheadings. Such an approach to creating the content of web pages not only brings advantages in terms of ranking in search queries, but is also a good service for the visitors of the pages.

Furthermore, some technical SEO aspects have to be considered when optimizing the onpage. An important criterion is, besides fast loading time and good internal linking, the mobile suitability of websites. As more and more potential customers surf the internet with their smartphones and search for offers, a good presentation of websites on such devices is of great importance. In order to exploit this potential of potential customers, the use of Responsive Design is recommended, as such a design enables a good presentation on all devices. Search engines such as Google also attach great importance to the mobile suitability of websites and prefer them at least in the context of mobile search.

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