Self Defense – Your Right to Fight!

From San Diego, to Concord; or from Tampa to Port Angeles, the most intelligent way to stay safe, is to remain aware of your surroundings. Be ready to act. There’s no reason to be afraid, Marijuana for sale in Canberra or to suffer from paranoia. It’s just that when you remain alert to everything going on around you, you are prepared.

Whether you’re coming home from a night out with your significant other, or going out for a business brunch; keep your head up. Looking down at your feet gives the impression of UN-awareness; and we already know that physical behavior makes you a target. Look up!

Second to awareness, surprise may be your best first line of defense. The attacker may try to take you by surprise, but the element of surprise is yours when you act decisively, strike quickly, and mean it. You may only get one chance, so give it your best shot.

For example: talking to your attacker is an effective form of distraction. When their focus is diverted, you have an excellent chance to throw something and run! In high school, my brother, Scott, was alone in the hallway and was approached by a drug dealer. The dealer offered him a lid of marijuana. Scott quickly responded, “You want me to buy marijuana?”  The dealer replied that he did. (And here’s where creative distraction entered in.) Scott kept walking, and talking. “I can’t imagine buying something so small. I’ve got 40 acres of the stuff. I burn it, I roto-till it under, I can’t get rid of it, and you want me to buy a tiny bit like that?!” Well, by the end of the hallway, Scott had the dealer practically begging to know where his field was. And then they turned a corner, and there were people. Scott was safe, and the dealer just sort of faded away. Talking truly can help you get out of a sticky situation.

An attacker may expect you to struggle. Perhaps playing passive, appearing to go along with things, and then attacking back when they least expect it would work for you. Don’t worry about upsetting the villain. There’s no such thing as a PC response when your safety is on the line. He is usually thinking only about how he can take advantage of you, or hurt you. You need to make him think about his own vulnerability, and his safety instead. He has weaker points too. Don’t be afraid to go for the eyes, throat, or groin. And don’t hesitate. When you fight back, your odds of survival are far greater. Statistics verify this. This is true even if you are only being threatened.

Police officers advise that you be armed with pepperspray, and an open palm. Pepperspray causes his focus to be disrupted, and a Smack to the face and nose should disrupt his balance, and distract the mind. If you try to hit with your fist, it can be too tight, too locked up, and not punch through effectively. You might even miss. An open-handed slap interrupts more mass, creating a bigger ‘shock wave’.

Aim for the eyes first (pepperspray), the face second (open-handed smack), and the groin (knee) third. Don’t be afraid to strike out. In unforseen situations, your counterattacks are only limited by your creativity. 

In the real world, acts of violence usually happen quickly. If you’re not prepared, you are at a serious disadvantage. If you rely upon a weapon as your sole form of protection, and it is in your car, or deep in the recesses of your purse, it is useless. Try to anticipate difficult situations. Walk with pepperspray in your hands as you traverse a dark car park, or street. You CAN and SHOULD physically defend yourself! It doesn’t matter how old you are, or what training you may have had, or what shape you are in. You have the RIGHT to protect yourself and your loved ones. Prepare yourself to take quick, instant action.

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