Stop Wasting Time! 3 Astonishing Things You Must Avoid If You Really Want to Make Money From Home

In this article we are going to talk to the frustrated, the failing and the flailing online entrepreneurs who are struggling to make their very first slender profit online. Does that sound like you? If it doesn’t, consider yourself lucky, as 99% of the people reading this right now will never make enough money from home to buy one nice dinner at a 3 star restaurant for 4 (and if that statement confused you as much as it did me – trust me, it’s not a lot of money).

Want to know why so many people aren’t making it work, while a select few are making so much money that even the wealthiest professionals amongst us would do a double take?

In my view, it’s really quite simple. It boils down to being able to understand opportunities when they present themselves, and being able to ignore, avoid or say “no” to ones that are worthless.먹튀검증 With that in mind, let’s take a look at the 3 things I see most often in my own consulting clients that I can tell right away is a surefire sign they’re not going to go far.

– Fear of Failure: This one is the top of the list for a reason. No one ever succeeded online, ever, without making far more mistakes than they can count on two hands, both feet and then some. I really hate using trite cliches, I really do, but in my view it is tantamount to the batting average metaphor, or the old “you miss all of the shots you don’t take” credo.

You’ve simply got to DUMP the analysis paralysis and simply get your face muddy and screw up. After a while, you start to see the seeds of things that actually are working, and your job becomes simply ferreting them out and applying them elsewhere as well.

– “Guru” Infatuation: This drives me up a wall and is the best sign to me, that someone simply doesn’t’ yet have the chops to succeed in business. There are no secret answers. There is no magical line of code, no secret handshake or no sly little subject line that is going to turn your emails into big buckets of bodacious bucks.

By believing that, you are only doing one thing well – which is allowing a bunch of mediocre minded marketers to make millions of dollars off of selling you a system that really doesn’t do anything other than attempt to teach you how to do the very same thing.

– Poor Prioritization: I’m going to be honest, I suffer from this as well. I constantly have my hands in 14 things at once, joint venture projects, my own stuff, etc, and ultimately, you end up doing nothing nearly as well as you’d like to. The key to truly being successful from home, especially, is being able to prioritize the most profitable pieces of your puzzle, and setting everything else aside. You can truly only do one or two things phenomenally well, and the key is to stick to those, and let someone else handle the pieces that don’t conform to your strengths (the more I outsource – the better I do, and so too will you).

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