Virtual Credit Card Terminals

Virtual credit card terminals are the best means for processing credit card payments. They are perfect for any business that accepts credit card payments by phone, fax or e-mail. Virtual credit card terminals are a safe, browser-based interface that allows you to authorize, process, and manage credit card transactions, using any computer with an Internet connection. You do not need a physical credit card terminal.

As they reduce complexity and expenses, virtual credit card terminals are suitable for businesses of all sizes. They are commonly used in utility companies, mail order businesses, call center operations, newspapers and magazines, insurance companies, charities, and service companies. With virtual credit card terminals, you can manually enter credit card transactions for mail or phone order sales, refund money to a customer’s credit card, automatically bill customers for recurring charges, check the status of transactions, run a variety of reports, and capture previously authorized transaction.

Virtual terminals are software-based CVV shop terminals enabling you to quickly capture and authorize credit card transactions in real time. When the process is complete, the merchant receives an authorization number and the server stores the transaction details. Transactions are automatically settled at the end of the day and the reports are generated within two to three business days.

Compared with POS (point of sale) terminals, virtual credit card terminals are very fast. Other features of virtual credit card terminals include address verification service, customer and merchant email notifications, recurring payments, and detailed reporting capabilities. Automatic item sub-total calculation, credit card swipe card option, automatic tax calculation, automatic shipping calculation, item discount calculator, billing and shipping data fields, and coupon or rebate calculator are the added features of virtual credit card terminals.

Unlike other software packages, virtual credit card terminals do not need licensing fees and fees for upgrades and customer service. The cost is always associated with authorizing and processing of credit card transactions. Most software-based credit card terminals utilize flash memory to store the software.

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