Water-Splashing Festival in China

This is an old festival and is famous in this country. The Water-Splashing Festival is on April 13-15, which is the New Year’s Day for the Dai People. The festival is divided into three stages. The first day is for cleaning up the house and neighborhood. On t he next day everyone goes but to the streets and splashes water to each other with their spans, pails and buckets. The clean water is the best blessing. And on the third day, people have fun by taking the dragon boats and setting off firecrackers.

As to where the water-splashing Festival comes from, there is a folk legend. A long time ago, a demon king, impressed by the fertility of Dehong area in Yunnan province of China, appropriated it and forced seven beautiful Dai maidens to be his wives. The people heated the demon, and the maidens tried to find out ways to get rid of him.

One day,” Wife Number Seventh” hit upon an idea. She plied him with alcohol and showered him with flattery. At last she got to know a secret: the only thing that could kill him was to tie a piece of hair from his own head around his neck.

Soon he was snoring in drunken slumber. The maiden did as she had found out about, and the demon’s head dropped to the floor, rolling. As he was a “fire demon”, whatever the head touched 토토사이트 burst into fire. The seven “wives” and all the people splashed water over the fire and managed to extinguish it. Every year in the centuries that followed the Dai people have been celebrating the “Water -Splashing Festival”, the destruction of the “Fire Demon”

Many people have come to this old city to enjoy the typical and ancient cultural heritage. With the help of Chinese government, the transportation has been greatly improved there. As Dehong’s winter is quite warm, so a lot of people just come here to enjoy their winter holiday in a warm winter. Furthermore, the costume of Dai people is really typical and charming. It’s a wise choice for you to reset your travel plan to this place.

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