When to Eat Is As Important As What to Eat

Eating is not only a science but also an art. Empower yourself with knowledge about eating in order to become younger and healthier for longer.

According to nutrition experts, “when” to eat is as important as “what” to eat. The wisdom in eating comes from the fact that every living thing has its own lifespan with its unique properties, and accordingly its own time frame. Therefore, we should eat certain foods at certain times not only to reap the most benefits from their nutrition values but also to optimize our bodies in their assimilation of these nutrition values.

For example, on waking up in the morning, the human body, especially the brain, needs sugar. Therefore, eating fresh fruits as breakfast or prior to eating breakfast is the way to go. As a matter of fact, according to some nutrition experts, eating fresh fruits with an empty stomach in the morning is like gold; eating them in the afternoon is like silver; and eating them in the evening is like copper. However, in cold weather, drinking a glass of warm water or honey water is recommended prior to eating fresh fruits in the morning.

Also, it is more beneficial to drink a glass of fresh fruit or vegetable juice than to drink a glass of milk at breakfast. The explanation is that a glass of fresh fruit or vegetable juice enhances your appetite and invigorates your energy, while a glass of milk with its protein may make you feel a little drowsy.

Nutrition experts believe that the best time for breakfast is between 7 to 8 am, ideally after some form of exercise to awaken the body and the mind. Eat your fresh fruits or drink the juice 먹튀검증커뮤니티 10 minutes or so before eating your breakfast. Naturally, the ideal breakfast is oatmeal or some whole-grain cereal, instead of bacon and eggs. Understandably, you may not have the luxury of time; however, do your best and make the most out of your breakfast to start the day with a healthy and relaxed body and mind.

Around 10 am, you may want a snack. If you have a sweet tooth, now is the best time to snack something sweet: it increases your blood sugar, boosts your energy level, and stabilizes your mood. In addition, it may even “spoil” your appetite so you would eat less during lunch, and thus helping your weight loss.

If you like hot and spicy foods, the best time to consume them is at lunch between noon and 1 pm when the body’s digestive power is most potent; in late evening, its decline may upset your stomach digestion when you consume hot and spicy foods.

Do not drink water during your meals because it dilutes your digestive enzymes. Instead, drink a glass of water 30 minutes or so before meals to optimize your stomach digestion. If you like coffee, drink your black coffee 30 minutes after your meals to enhance your skin and beautify your complexion. If you don’t like black coffee, drink a cup of herbal tea an hour after the meal; do not drink herbal tea on an empty stomach.

If you must eat snacks as comfort foods to give your pleasure, have them around 4 pm to re-vitalize your energy and replenish your blood sugar. Eating dried fruits and nuts is preferred to eating potato chips. Remember, all snacks give you extra calories. If you have the routine of going to a gym before dinner, eating some peanut butter 30 minutes prior to the exercise session is highly recommended.

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