Wholesale Leather Hides

Leather is made by the tanning of hides and skins of animals, basically cattle hide. The process of tanning converts the animal skin into a sturdy, everlasting and flexible natural material which is used for several purposes. Leather is used for making various useful products.

Wholesale full grain leather or top grain cowhide are the upper sections of hide which contain the epidermis or skin layer. Hide My WP These leather hides are hides which have not been buffed, snuffed or sanded (corrected) in order to remove the imperfections (natural marks) on the surface of the cowhides. The hair has to be removed from the epidermis. The grains on the leather hides remain in their original state which allows best fiber strength and great durability.

The grains of natural leather have natural breathing spaces which make them suitable for making clothes. The natural full grain leather has a better feel than any other leather. The natural full grain leather develops a natural patina and changes its appearance over a period of time. Things such as the finest leather hide furniture and footwear are made from full grain cowhide. For making these products, the best raw leather hides are used for obtaining full grain or top grain leather hides. Finishing of full grain hides is done by two methods – aniline and semi-aniline.

Corrected grain cowhide are nothing but top grain leather hides which are buffed, snuffed and sanded in order to remove the imperfections seen on the surface due to insect bites, healed scars or brands. Top grain leather hides are incorrectly referred to as corrected grain hides.

Leather hides used to create corrected leather are inferior quality hides which do not meet the high standards that are used in aniline or semi aniline leather. The imperfections are corrected, and artificial grains are applied. Corrected grain hides are used for making pigmented leather as the solid pigments hide the imperfections or corrections.

Split leather is cowhide made from the fibrous part of the hide left once the top grain of the raw hide is separated from the hides. In the splitting process, the grain and drop splits are separated. The drop split can also be split into two parts – middle split and flesh split.

In thick hides, the middle split can be parted into several layers until the thickness prevents further splitting. Split hides have an artificial layer which is applied to the surface of the split and is embossed with a leather grain. Splits are even used for making suede. Strong suede is mainly made from grain splits or from the flesh splits that have been removed for the correct thickness. Suede is fuzzy on both the sides. Suede is not as tough as top grain. Suede is very cheap because several pieces of suede can be split from a single thickness of leather hide; whereas, only a single piece of top grain leather can be obtained from the same hide. Wholesale leather hides is by far the best way to purchase leather for large projects due to the discounted price per foot.

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